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Terms and Conditions of Use


The use of this voice communication application service (hereinafter, the "Application") is subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "Terms of Use"). Therefore, the user expressly agrees to accept them and to ensure their compliance. Likewise, the user accessing and/or registering with his/her corresponding name and password in order to use the Application (hereinafter, the "User") is aware and agrees to accept that these Terms of Use may be amended or adapted to legislative changes, general industry practices and/or company policies. It is understood that modifications will be in force since their publication in the Terms of Use. If you are User of the application, it understood that you understand and agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not use this application.

Privacy Policy

Under Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Privacy, the company respects the duty to protect users’ private and personal data, and will not give access to it to the public unless the User himself makes them public, through use of our services with his consent, without the company being liable responsible for information personally provided by him. The company is committed to ensure the safety of personal data by taking all necessary measures for this, in order to prevent its loss, misuse or misappropriation. However, the User must also ensure its safety and not deliver to third parties data he considered private or undisclosed personal information. The responsible use of this Application by minors falls solely on their parents or legal representatives’ responsibility. The only reason the company will disclose a User's personal data will be because of a court order, in order to defend the interests of the company, of its Users and/or of third parties. Likewise, the company will not be liable for personal data provided by Users to websites not owned by the company, nor will it be liable for information voluntarily provided by the User, whether he uses or not the Application for it.

User Obligations

The User is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Application, the content he might reproduce using it and for any consequences arising thereof. In this context, the company recognized it may not necessarily monitor or control the content reproduced by Users through our services, so the company will not be liable for said content, nor will it verify that the contents of the communications made through the Application are true, complete, accurate or reliable.

You declare to understand that the use of the Application may expose you to content that is offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate, or in some cases to mislabeled or deceptive messages. Under no circumstances will "HeyHey" assume any liability for the communication contents, including without limitation any errors or omissions in any posted contents, or any damage or loss whatsoever arising as a result of the use of contents reproduced in the services, sent by email, or transmitted or made available through the Application (or reproduced by any other means).

In addition to the obligations contained in these Terms of Use, the User agrees to the following:

  • To not infringe in any way the provisions of Law No. 19,223 on Cybercrime, nor of Law No. 19,628 on Protection of Privacy, or of any other regulations.
  • To not use this application for criminal purposes, such as perpetrating electronic threats, committing any kind of fraud, identity spoofing or identity theft, nor use this website to insult or slander, among others.
  • Diligently use his User name and passwords, information that is considered confidential and personal. The User will be responsible for all damages caused by poor or negligent use of his User name and/or passwords, either by himself or by third parties. In case a User’s User name and/or password is unlawfully seized and/or stolen, it is the User’s responsability to notify the company immediately.
  • Use the Application complying with the law, with its Terms of Use, and respecting morals, good customs and public order.
  • To not obtain for personal gain or provide to third parties User directories or any information about other users, including their email addresses.

User Obligations

In general, the contents and information provided and transmitted by Users will not be priorly censored, moderated or edited. Nevertheless, the company does not allow, in any way, content and information provided and transmitted by Users to infringe its rights, the rights of third parties, and, in general, to be immoral, indecent or infringe public order. Accordingly, the Company reserves the right, and by accepting the Terms of Use, the User expressly accepts that the company can moderate or edit content provided by Users at its sole discretion, in the following cases:

  • When the Moderators of the Application, that is, natural persons who may or may not be company employees, designated specifically for this purpose and identified as such to Users, conclude that transmitted content violates these Terms of Use.
  • When complaints by other Users or third parties are received alleging that any questioned content, opinion or information may refer to situations or events that may constitute a crime, or could in itself constitute crimes, such as slanderous or defamatory statements against third parties.
    Any User who feels that content or information transmitted through the Application may affect his/her rights or is constitutive of crimes, can directly contact the Moderators of the Application or email contact@heyheyapp.com to report the questionable content to the company, as well as any known information from the issuer.
    After receiving the corresponding claim, the company will review the relevant background information and, if it concludes that these Terms of Use have been breached, it will, within 24 hours and to the possible extent, suppress the infringing content or information and proceed to terminate the offending User’s account, as indicated in the “Termination” section below.
  • When the provided content or information is manifestly false, or when it is immoral, indecent or infringes the public order.
  • By order of authority.


We reserve the right to deny, suspend or terminate access to the Application, without notice and without compensation, to Users who, at any time, violate these Terms and Conditions.

System Failures

The company will not be liable for a User’s damages or losses arising from the application’s faults. Nor be responsible for viruses infecting Users’ equipment as a result of access to the application or due to the transfer of audio files or similar files. Liability may not be imposed on the company due to technical failures that are not its responsibility and that, as a result, do not allow a continual service provision by the Application.

Absence of User rights

Being a user of the website does not, ever, give a User entitlement of rights of the company. No licenses, authorizations or waiver of rights to Users are presumably or effectively provided due to any use of the Application.

Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These Terms of Use are governed by Chilean law. Any dispute arising between the User and the Company shall be decided by Chilean courts of justice, based in the city and Commune of Santiago.